Choices, Lots of ways to a beautiful deck.

Things to consider when having a deck built.

  1.  Before jumping in and building something new, consider using what you already have. While the current deck might not be perfect, replacing the old boards with new composite and railings makes the deck feel brand new. Faster and cheaper than a complete rebuild. We can even protect your old framework from water with our rubber membrane made specifically for deck framework.
  2. Stick with natural colors like gray, red, tan or brown this can make your deck look more desirable.
  3. Make sure there are enough chairs and tables for everyone or build them into your deck.   Extra touches like torches, plants and rugs can make your deck look even better.
  4. In the past pressure treated wood was the only option. Now there are plastic/composite materials that don’t decompose, don’t discolour, don’t shrink and look great. While they are more expensive, they are easier to clean, and increase the value of your home. When it’s finished, everybody in the neighbourhood will want to come join in the fun.   There are many building materials to choose from. With the new brown pressure treated wood you can have a wood looking deck. The old green pressure treated is gone from the market.

1. Slotted. Grooves along both sides accept the hidden fasteners specified by the manufacturer. 2.5 pounds per foot.

2. Solid. Can be face-fastened or edge-fastened and has two usable sides. 2.5 pounds per foot.

3. ECO decks that cost less and use less material.

4. Rarely used anymore.

5. ECO most common.


Two tier cedar deck.

Composite Deck
Markdale, Smaller Deck